Meet Scott Maddox, Woodturner

Scott became fascinated with woodturning while watching a woodturner at Silver Dollar City in the summer of 2012. A seed was planted and the adventure began. His passion for woodturning grew as well as his skill over the next 5 years.

(His first lathe purchased from Claudell R., Wiggins, Mississippi)

His Faith and Woodturning are in Harmony

Scott enjoys working with wood that is distressed, damaged and ready to be thrown away.  He turns the piece of firewood into a beautiful heirloom turning that begins life anew.  

Scott finds a parallel in woodturning to what God does with each of us; taking the sinful, the damaged, the distressed and making us whole and new again with a renewed purpose of life. 

2018 Silver Maple Spalted Bowl. Soaked in Pure Tung Oil.

Creating Heirloom Woodturnings

he process of creating an heirloom treasure may take up to 15 months. Although Scott can finish a bowl within just a few days using other methods of finish, he prefers to finish his bowls by saturating them in pure Tung Oil and allowing them to cure for 90 - 120 days.  The bowl is then polished with white diamond abrasive and polished with wax for a finish that lasts a lifetime.

Scott's bowls are truly heirloom creations that will last for generations to come.